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We focus our development plans to bring social change in the community with integrative ideas of Criminology, Sociology, Policing, Political governance, Media, Law, Religious, Culture, Gender and Sex.

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    The butterfly counts not months but moments, and has time enough – Rabindranath Tagore. Just like a butterfly, the innovation of Organised Crime operators work on moments than months to commit their white-collar crimes.
    The forgotten Polymath who wrote the National Anthem of India has become one of the key elements for my new research called “Theory of Polymath Organised Crime (Copyright 2017)”. My intensive experimentation in the past four years on my previous "Theory of Modern Chakravyuh" (Copyright 2013) was meant for the grassroot operations of Organised Crime with or without the presence of Criminal & Victim, whereas, with the new theory I will be able to evaluate the mastermind of organised crime beyond the limitations of Jurisdictions & Language Barriers.
    A Combination of theoretical study of Lord Krishna, Dr. Ambedkar, Rabindranath Tagore have been incorporated with the Open System Interconnection (OSI) Model to make the formulated structure against Organised Crime to run under auto-mode.
    A Combination of theoretical study of Lord Krishna, Dr. Ambedkar, Rabindranath Tagore have been incorporated with the Open System Interconnection (OSI) Model to make the formulated structure against Organised Crime to run under auto-mode.
    The Theory is hereby formulated for tackling Polymath experts who are the controllers of Organised Crime which are popularly known as the Mastermind of Organised Crime while the Theory of Modern Chakravyuh was designed for managing the data-collection of Organised Crime at the grassroot level.

  • Asian Age: Special Task force sought for organised crime
    THE ASIAN AGE. Published : Jan 13, 2017, 5:53 am IST Updated : Jan 13, 2017, 6:52 am IST
    The petition has based its assumptions on its study on growing impact of organised crime that is going unchecked nationwide.
    According to Snehil Dhall, who has filed the petition through Advocate Mareesh Sahay, virtual crime in India is increasing at a rapid rate. “The central government has made many laws like the TADA, MCOCA, UNTOC, FATF, UAPA, OCIS, GCOCA and OCIU but the police is ill-prepared to deal with these cases.
    As there are no special units to deal with cases that come under the purview of the above mentioned legislations, such crimes are growing unabated,” said Dhall, (27), who is a criminologist based in Mumbai.
    The petition lists a number of cases like money laundering by international organisations in the name of youth groups, conversion of terrorist groups into a legitimate trans national government structure and crimes committed through virtual platforms.

  • Criminologist Snehil Dhall on the psychology of crime
    Mid-day; Gitanjali Chandrasekharan; Pic/Nimesh Dave; 10th April 2016; http://www.mid-day.com/articles/criminologist-snehil-dhall-on-the-psychology-of-crime/17119184
    Exclusive Interview: Evidence comes later. Criminologist Snehil Dhall says the first step towards solving a case is to penetrate the criminal’s mind.
    Snehil Dhall doesn't come across as the sort of man who practices creating an air of mystery about him. His T-shirt carries the name of his company. "Due to a foot injury, I can't wear formal shoes and all that goes along with the shoes I am wearing is a pair of denims and a T-shirt. But, if I wear a regular T-shirt, I will appear even younger than I am. The Crimeophobia logo helps me look older," he says, digging to a puff he has ordered at the café we meet.
    Through the hour-and-a-half that we talk, the criminologist is careful not to reveal anything that may give a clue about his age — not the year of graduation nor when he solved his first case when he was in his early teens.
    Dhall says he takes on cases only when his clients have tried all other sources of help — police, law, politicians — and failed. He is quite literate about the law, but he doesn't claim to know it all.

  • Privatise Criminal Investigation
    Afternoon DC; PHILIP VARGHESE Friday, 05th September, 2014; http://www.afternoondc.in/interview/privatise-criminal-investigation/article_119064
    Exclusive Interview: “If we need proper investigation and rise in conviction levels in the state, we need to privatise criminal investigations in our country,” says Snehil Dhall. Crimeophobia Limited is founded by Dhall, a qualified Criminologist from UK who has the experience of working with private sector and public sector professionals.
    Snehil has completed his schooling from Mumbai, India; has IB Diploma from Singapore and (Hons) Criminology Degree from United Kingdom. With knowledge of about nine different professions and being a criminologist – Snehil gives the company a perfect edge in conflict management. Over the past years, Snehil has gained the comfortable level of working with different nationalities, religious groups, professionals, students, genders and sex.
    His motive is to regulate the situation of social crime after considering every dimension of criminology to have a secure community. Crimeophobia helps one with research about conflicts in society, within the organisation or group, among individuals and provides the best possible report after consulting our advisors that come from various backgrounds - politics, lawyers, police, media, corporate affairs, sociologist and criminologist. “We help you find the right connection to expand your relations with overseas companies and/or Anti-Crime Professionals to have appropriate personal and business support service. We support you with appropriate travel guidance for UK and India, by conducting pre-departure sessions with information about cultural and professional protocols, useful emergency contact details, and other local amenities,” says Dhall.
    PHILIP VARGHESE spoke to SNEHIL DHALL about crime, crimeophobia, policing and a whole lot more... Excerpts.

  • News Report on my Hindu Criminology Research on Radhe Maa
    India News; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aZDteIzINHE&t=5s
    Exclusive Interview of my findings & evaluations of Religious Guru Radhe Maa based on my Hindu Criminology Research on Holy Bhagavad-Gita

  • News Debate: Crimes of Religious Gurus & Radhe Maa
    India News
    Panelist as Subject Expert (Criminologist Snehil Dhall)

  • News Debate: Relationship between Dawood (Don) and Bharat Shah (Diamond Merchant & Film Producer)
    Lemon News (Maharashtra & Gujarat)
    Panelist as Subject Expert (Criminologist Snehil Dhall)

  • News Debate: Mumbai 1993 Bomb Blast
    Lemon News (Maharashtra & Gujarat)
    Panelist as Subject Expert (Criminologist Snehil Dhall)

  • News Debate: Jammu & Kashmir & Cross-Border Terrorist
    Lemon News (Maharashtra & Gujarat)
    Panelist as Subject Expert (Criminologist Snehil Dhall)

  • News Debate: Pakistan and Dawood
    Lemon News (Maharashtra & Gujarat)
    Panelist as Subject Expert (Criminologist Snehil Dhall)

  • Doc cheats medial goods supplier, police files civil complaint
    Afternoon DC; http://www.afternoondc.in/city-news/doc-cheats-medical-goods-supplier-police-files-civil-complaint/article_143440
    “The hospital which was located at posh area of Juhu near Mithibai College had few notices pasted by banks as well for non-payments. Initially the billing of the patients was done by the hospital management. However, since the management was not clearing the dues the supply was stopped. However, I continued to provide medical products directly at the operation theatre to the patients admitted at the hospital on humanitarian grounds since I supplied products used mainly in operation surgery. During the course of time Dr. Rajul continued to keep me in confidence that my dues would be paid. However, later they claimed bankruptcy and shut the hospital. I along with my brother filed complaints at MIDC Police Station and Juhu Police Station. However, both the cases were initially shut down. With unknown reasons given by P.I. S Jadhav of MIDC Police for closure, the case was reopened only after I approached criminologist Snehil Dhall who sent them a notice. However, this time again they transferred the case to Juhu Police Station without reason.” - Yadav Shetty (Victim)
    The case is being evaluated by Snehil Dhall – a well-known criminologist, who told the ADC, “The easiest way to earn quick money is by not paying crores of rupees and converting criminal intentions into civil that allows police to reject cases of recovery. With a dramatic strategy of organised crime in the city, Yadav was cheated by Dr. Rajul Meswani and his team. The Juhu Police Station claimed that Dr. Rajul has mentioned in his statement that he doesn’t know who 'Shetty' is and has never carried any transactions with me. However, he claims that the cheques given to Yadav were security cheques which bounced due to sudden deposit by Yadav.”

  • Travel company, ex-employee engaged in legal battle over data theft, unpaid dues
    Afternoon DC; http://www.afternoondc.in/city-news/travel-company-ex-employee-engaged-in-legal-battle-over-data-theft-unpaid-dues/article_141104
    In an interesting case of an ex-employee allegedly demanding ransom from his employers, a known criminologist has sent a complaint to the Goregoan police station
    Speaking to ADC, criminologist Snehil Dhall said, “Even after accepting money on behalf of all three Bhandari members, Prabhakar continued to conduct the alleged white-collar blackmailing and released the data to Service Tax for which the company had to pay a penalty and the matter was resolved. Later, Prabhakar started sending legal notices with contained confidential data of Shree Sati Travel Pvt. Ltd. which stopped only after I intervened. The legal notices send to Gupta had unusual financial demands by Prabhakar that stated Rs. 7.5 lakh payable as 'gratuity amount', Rs. 15 lakh lump sum amount to 'continue the work' and an additional unknown 'service amount'. The three types of cash was demanded on an official legal notice which also had confidential details of Gupta's client.

  • Convicted fraudster strikes again
    Afternoon DC; Philip Varghese; http://www.afternoondc.in/city-news/convicted-fraudster-strikes-again/article_110502
    Former Manager at the Airport Authorities of India who earlier tried to fraudlently sell land belonging to the AAI has now been accused of cheating the general public, but he was quickly found out by the senior citizen who filed an RTI
    Snehil Dhall, a criminologist working on several cases with the police said the complaint received by the Samta Nagar Police, "Singh fraudulently became Chairman for a society and began his criminal activities by providing a society letter to another person..."

  • 1st Maharashtra State Paralympics Games - 2015
    Organized by Para Sports Association Mumbai & Paralympics Swimming Association of Maharashtra
    Supported & Sponsored by Hindustan Petroleum, LIC (India) and Crimeophobia (Criminologist Snehil Dhall)
    Appreciated by Minister Vinod Tawde (BJP): Maharashtra State - Ministry for School Education, Higher and technical education, Sports and Youth Welfare, Minority development and Culture Affairs
    Mr. Pasricha I.P.S; Ex - Director General of Maharashtra Police

  • Bridging the bond between Police & Media
    Facilitated, conceptualized and sponsored a Cricket Match supported by BJP Politician Mr. Gopal Shetty (Currently Member of Parliament - INDIA)

  • Meeting with Ms. Lise Grande United Nations Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative (INDIA)
    Dinner Discussion-Meeting at official Maharashtra State Minister's Residence (Ministry of Women & Child Development)
    Discussion by Minister Varsha Gaikwad (Congress) about State of Maharashtra (India) Women Safe Policy (2013)
    Discussion by Ms. Laxmi Narayan Tripathi (Global Transgender Expertise) about Transgender Rights & Development in India
    Discussion by Criminologist Snehil Dhall about Organized Crime & Victim Support Centre in India

  • AAP launches 'Scam Expose Helpline'
    Afternoon DC (Front Page); Zuber Ansari (Continuation)
    "From the very first call, we have received information of fraud and scams due to negligence or obstruction by bureaucrats and government officials. We have begun working on the claims and when the time is right, it will be presented," added Dhall.

  • AAP launches 'Scam Expose Helpline'
    Afternoon DC (Front Page); Zuber Ansari
    The number was launched with the intention of providing a platform to the common man to confidentially share information on scams and fraud of which they may be aware.
    According to Criminologist Snehil Dhall who is the part of the helpline launch team, "We have received approximately 200-plus calls since 9 pm last night. The calls resumed at 8am again this morning, with a call coming in almost every minute."

  • Decoding crime for the aam aadmi
    The Hindu: Businessline; 23rd March 2014; Rashmi Pratap
    Mumbai Criminologist Snehil Dhall helps AAP tackle myriad grievances
    "He (Dhall) meets the citizens, understands the issue and figures out how we can help them. Where he feels we need to support the person, we immediately get into action, rope in our volunteers and approach the police or other authorities" says Preeti Sharma Menon, Maharashtra Secretary for the AAP (Currently National Executive Member)
    "After staying back in India for a few months, I tried to locate the Victim Support Department (present in every Western country) but found nothing. I approached the State and Central government and even the United Nations (India), but with no success. So I cancelled my plans to go back to the UK and settled in India," he (Dhall) says.

  • A criminologist, group of youth form AAPs 'scam team'' in city
    Hindustan Times (Front Page): 16th March 2014; Kunal Purohit (Continuation on page 7)
    "The 'subject experts' help me investigate scams through their inputs. Then I start analysing and investigating them myself," said Dhall. "Having studied crime, it's easier for me to spot patterns and modus operandi."
    AAP leaders felt Dhall's study of criminology meant "he could work through possible scams faster and dig deeper."

  • A criminologist, group of youth form AAPs 'scam team'' in city
    Hindustan Times (Front Page): 16th March 2014; Kunal Purohit
    Working under the watchful eye of the bespectacled Snehil Dhall, a UK-Trained criminologist who heads the AAPs 'scame team', the group prepares dossiers on various scams involving politicians.
    Having returned from the UK two years ago, Dhall approached AAPs Mumbai wing, wanting to put his investigating skills to work and the party readily agreed to have him on board.

  • Brothers in Crime
    Afternoon DC: Zuber Ansari
    Duo dupes gullible flat buyers and issues bounced cheques when victims demand money back
    The matter came to light only when the victims approached Crimeophobia, a criminology firm owned by one Snehil Dhall. Snehil then investigated the matter and found 43 such complainants.

  • Conmen sell flats to buyers when owners go on vacation
    Mid-Day Newspaper: 24th Jan 2014; Shiva Devnath
    Nearly 40 people have allegded that the duo took huge sums as initial payments for purchase of flats across the city, and then failed to deliver the houses
    Case investigated by Criminologist Snehil Dhall
    (Evaluation began with two complainants and landed upto more than 40 victims)

  • Neglected Tribals "Adivasi" Community helped by City Builder
    APN News: 30th Jan 2014
    The builder was spotted by Criminologist Snehil Dhall during his routine forest research . . .

  • Shocker: BMC School Kids know lots about Crime!
    Afternoon DC (Front page) continuation ...
    Shocking maturity was also displayed in complaints that the police "listened to gangsters rather to us". "What should we do if a murder is going on and we wish to report the incident" asked another child. Dhall said there was lots more on the subject

  • Shocker: BMC School Kids know lots about Crime!
    Afternoon DC (Front Page)
    Criminologist left flabbergasted at the amount they want to know.
    While crime has been increasing on a daily basis, some more shocking aspects thrown up by the seminars included questions from these 12-year-olds like "how to handle the situation when someone is kidnapping us, trying to throw acid or rape us, and how do we get the police to listen to us"

  • An Intellectual Field Trip
    Times Group: Neighborhood Times
    Permission granted to Criminologist Snehil Dhall to conduct a debate between Police Inspector (Crime Division) and Grade 6th students along with Crime Education of Policing System.
    Professor of 'Teach for India' and their students from Municipality School visited Police Station under the supervision of Criminologist Snehil Dhall

  • HC quashes complaint against city builder
    DNA Newspaper, 09th July 2012
    Justice RC Chavan invalidated the complaint observing "The dispute between the parties had no public consequence and therefore no purpose would be served by allowing the case to proceed, particularly when the parties have amicably settled their disputes"

  • HC quashes complaint against city builder
    CNBC - moneycontrol.com: 07th July 2012
    The complaint was withdrawn by the resident after the builder settled the dispute

  • Khar Builder and society members resolve their differences
    Afternoon Voice
    The builder had undertaken the redevelopment contract and was alleged of forging documentations

  • HC quashes complaint against city builder
    CNN - IBN: 07 July 2012
    Compromise between builder and resident for redevelopment of residential building

  • Bombay HC quashes complaint against city builder
    Zee News: 07th July 2012
    Compromise between builder and resident for redevelopment of residential building

  • Shekhar Vandana Constructions succeeds in changing relationship
    Finance Today: 2012
    Compromise between builder and resident for redevelopment of residential building.
    "Getting a clean chit from Bombay High Court, the Consent Terms has been passed with a balance intention that benefits both the parties and the same should be used by other builders as well"says Snehil Dhall a UK based Criminologist

  • Crime Education for Mumbai Police
    Etv Marathi (Satellite News)
    Crime Education: North Mumbai Police HQ

  • Fashion Camp for Mumbai Police
    The Wall Street Journal: livemint.com (India)
    The Lounge Show - 13th August 2010

  • Mumbai Police played a Cricket Match with Press
    Roznama Rashtriya Sahara (Urdu)
    Supported by Additional Commissioner of Police (North Zone) Mr. Ramrao Pawar I.P.S and Gopal Shetty (Currently Member of Parliament - India) and Criminologist Snehil Dhall

  • Hair Styling our Police Department
    GlamGold - All About Glamour World: 11th August 2010

  • Police Hair-Cut & Fish-Pedicure Camp 2010
    Country Pulse (English)

  • Cricket Match between Police Vs Press
    Mumbai Dainik Sandiya (Hindi)

  • afaqs: TressXcel Cutting in style
    Pooja Trivedi: 19th August, 2010
    On India's 63rd Independence Day a camp was organized to give the police personnel a makeover

  • Press VS Police: Cricket Match played for the first time
    Nav Bharat Times (Hindi)
    Cricket Match supported by Snehil Dhall
    Supported by Additional Commissioner of Police (North Zone) Mr. Ramrao Pawar I.P.S

  • Haircut Camp in Police Stations
    Roznama Rashtriya Sahara (Urdu)
    Mumbai Police gets Haircut & Fish Pedicure

  • Cricket Match conducted for the first time between Police Vs Press
    Vartaman (Hindi)
    Cricket Match between Crime Beat Media and Mumbai Police
    Supported by Additional Commissioner of Police (North Zone) Mr. Ramrao Pawar I.P.S

  • Tribals given new year gifts
    Asian Age Newspaper
    Although these neglected communities share the Mumbaikar status, they are far from reaping urban benefits and conveniences. They need timely attention...

  • Hotelier: Results of international gay survey to be revealed at World Travel Market
    30 June, 2011: Hotelier & Hospitality News & TV Channel

  • World Travel Market 2011 to Unveil Largest Global Gay Survey
    27th June, 2011: HN: Hospitalitynet
    Travel and tourism findings from India will be unveiled by Out Now at World Travel Market

  • Xenios: World Travel Market 2011 to unveil largest global Gay survey
    June 28, 2011: Xenios - Tourism & Business Travel
    Out Now Consulting has announced the inclusion of India into the LGBT2020 research study – nearly doubling the population reach of their annual global survey into the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities world-wide.

  • World Travel Market 2011 to Unveil Largest Global Gay Survey
    July 17, 2011: Adventure TravelNews
    The world’s largest ever LGBT research study, to be released by global gay marketing specialists Out Now at World Travel Market 2011, nearly doubles its global gay population reach with the inclusion of India.

  • Global Travel Industry News: Results of international gay survey to be revealed at World Travel Market
    Jun 29, 2011

  • World Travel Market 2011 to Unveil Largest Global Gay Survey: OUT NOW
    World Travel Market (London) 2011: Website
    The world's largest ever LGBT research study by Out Now an Australia based company initiates their survey in India through Snehil Dhall