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The term ‘Crime’ has never been something easy to define. It is relative, mysterious and elusive. In essence, it revolves around subjective criteria in the mind, which creates a mindset and what is generally referred to today as subjective lifestyle. Any ‘Crime’ committed in today’s era can be very expensive, exclusive and very rate – not meant for everyone to understand. When any of these things stop, then it converts into an organised crime and declared as a scam. Commoditizing Organised Crime and making them more accessible to the middle market puts them at risk of becoming ordinary, common and less desirable. The more available a crime is, the less luxurious it becomes for the Mastermind to commit it. We aim at creating the highest education value and its course fee will be leveraging all intangible elements of singularity – i.e. time, heritage, country of origin, motives, financial background etc.

After years of Research & Development it has been identified that Lord Krishna has been one of the pioneering effect of Criminology Studies who also implemented his techniques in an actual warfare called ‘Mahabharata’. The Executive Education of ‘Global Criminology’ introduced by us will be focusing with an Indian perspective by using the patterns of unschooling and sociocracy as every individual has a different motive to learn about crime. Every individual is expected to choose their subjects from various types of crime across the global and their curriculum will be designed accordingly. The curriculum will be based on the operational prototype of ‘Transnational Organised Crime’ as every individual works under the laws of their respective jurisdiction with no universal definition of the same term. The only common term for evaluating a crime is based on Extrasensory Perception which will be taught in the subjects chosen by every individual for their curriculum.

The executive education of “Global Criminology” is based on the techniques of Western and Eastern patterns of solving crime in which we will be focusing on Extrasensory Perception development. The same includes seven types of psychological skills i.e. Intuition, Telepathy, Psychometry, Clairvoyance/Clairaudience, Precognition and Retrocognition. These will be further developed around seven professional sectors which are predominating the topic of any Conflict i.e. Crime, Culture, Social, Terrorism, Media, Politics and Police but based on the professional background of every individual. The course is specifically based on Psychic abilities required for decoding Organised Crime in a Transnational Legal Justice System for which the eligibility details are stated below:

Admission Criteria

Every individual is requested to mail a 300 words essay comprising of details of themselves; their purpose of study; and the types of skills they want to develop.

In case an entire group (Government/Corporate Department, College/School Batch, Social etc.) is interested in the program then a list of individuals should be provided on their organisation’s letterhead.

Government photo ID and address proof.

C.V and supporting documents.

Please Note:

The course will not be teaching about any particular religious beliefs but only their Parapsychologial techniques shall be subjectively referred.

There is no eligibility criteria based on qualification, age, sex, gender, nationality, religion and anyone can apply for the course.

Instructions are given only in English and Hindi.

A personal interview will be conducted before being enrolled.

The entire course curriculum will be structured after the registration fees have been provided and the course fees will be quoted thereafter.

All Students shall receive a Certificate and Guidance for Lifetime.

Infrastructure, Accommodation and Hospitality Support: View Map

The education will be held at the Estate which is house to multiple types of natural and human habitat that is spread across 240 acres. The institute has collaborated with Imperial Palace Hotel & Royal Palms (India) Pvt. Ltd. and will be conducting educational sessions in the Estate as per the needs of the curriculum. The estate is dominated with combination of nature, fresh air and multi-terrain atmosphere. The lectures and discussion-seminars will be in a combination of open-air and close-door session to justify unschooling and sociocracy models. The property is centrally located within 30 to 45 minutes radius of all key spots of South & North Mumbai; Navi Mumbai & Thane; and Western & Eastern Express Highway. For overseas learners, the accommodation will be provided as per their budget and needs, whereas, for local learners the transportation is readily available for the estate.

The particular area is home to major shooting sets of Indian Film Industry, Session Court, Exhibition Centre, Multiple-Lakes, Shopping Malls & Cinemas, 5 Star and below Hotels, IIT-Bombay and other Educational Institutes, Industrial / Commercial and Residential properties and all major transportations like International Airport, Trains / Metro / Bus Stations. The region is also called the lungs of Mumbai City due to National Park & Wildlife Sanctuary spread across 20,000+ Acres in dense forest also having world’s largest population of leopards inside a Metro City. The estates is also surrounded with lions and other wild animals / birds of National Park, whereas, every financial stature and religion including Tribal/Adivasi communities also live within the limits of Goregoan (East). The locality known as Aarey Milk Colony was established by the First Prime Minister of India Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru specifically for dairy but the same has reduced to large extend. The area is heavily guarded by Local Police, Forest Guards, Estate Security and Property Watchman, however, the jungle is also used for training various Police & Defence officials as per their schedules.


Every individual, group of learners or department will be quoted as per the type of crimes they wish to get educated within their schedule. Lists of few crimes which we have dealt in are provided below: DOWNLOAD

Course Term:

Full – Time
Part – Time
Distance Learning



“ I have given myself the title of Criminologist because my passion was defined in the term rather than my education in it. Since childhood I have been providing solutions for major conflicts due to which even my school teachers gave its reference in their recommendation letters other than my family & friends. My mentors in every country always told me to make my passion as a profession and when I asked my friends what am I good at then they said “You are just good in solving problems even if people haven’t asked your support although they need you”. I have always been grateful that my parents supported me with the education in India, Singapore and the United Kingdom while I wanted to educate myself in every professional degree I was aware of. I am also extremely grateful to all my colleagues, supporters, clients and intern students from different parts of India and the globe for appreciating my innovative patterns of decoding crime over the years. My education doesn’t give me the title of every degree but it surely empowers me with the knowledge of most professional sectors so that I can resolve crimes of various backgrounds. The formation of Crimeophobia in London was an announcement, whereas, now educating learners through International Institute of Criminology Studies is just the beginning.”

Criminologist Snehil Dhall

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